How does the neural community transform celebs into porn stars with the assist of deepfakes The Online world is gaining attractiveness FakeApp software, changing the character to the video clip. From harmless amusements such as the introduction of Nicolas Cage into movies by which he did not act, the people swiftly switched to pornographic. The […]

It was a very interesting summer for me. As you may or my not know, I was married on the 29 of May. It was a beautiful ceremony in Clemets, California at Russ and Jessie Biglow’s ranch. Friends and family were all around and it was the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in […]

We are Happy to announce the engagement of our son Travis and Rachel Brum! We are taking off the next few weeks to enjoy the wedding and all the joys that go along with that. Sorry to say that we wont be able to send out any orders during this time. generic cialis The wedding […]

So, Things haven’t gone the way I’d hoped up until this point. We left off just before my third steer at San Angelo.  My Dad has always told me to stay positive because you never know when your chance is coming. That if you struggle long enough, hard enough, that eventually you’ll break free. He […]

Well, not going the way you’d want. Dave missed both of my steers at Denver. Both steers were stronger and Dave didn’t get the best start. Since 4.0 is winning the first round (Caleb Driggers) and 4.2 was winning the second( Garret Tonozzi). Dave was forced into a shot that he didn’t necessarily want. Durning […]

Wow, think you wanna rodeo for a living? Just check out the results for Odessa. 9.6 on two, no money. 4.0 won the first round, 3.6 won the second. Dave missed my first round steer, and broke out on the second.( 4.6 plus 10). It is getting tou order lasix online no prescription gher and tougher all […]