Check out this link Travis Heeling Lesson to see the latest video lesson. Travis rides his 3 year old colt “Tigger” on the Hot Heels and talks about position and timing. Hope you enjoy! generic cialis

We had a great week at the Training Center. Beautiful weather, great steers, and all the roping you’d ever want. Check out the Flicker link at the bottom of the page to see all the fun we had. Walt and Travis had a great day training their colts and teaching. The students enjoyed lots of […]

We left off right after Houston. The upcoming week was Huntsville, a go twice open roping near Huntsville, Nacogdoches and the short go at Austin. Dave had asked me if I wanted to go to California during the Spring rodeos, and with my wedding quickly approaching (May 29) I thought twice about leaving town for 5 […]

Walt teaches good heading techniques on the dummy. Just click on this link WW Heading lesson 1. For all the heelers out there check out WW Heeling lesson 1. Don’t forget to watch all four video lessons. Enjoy! .

Read real letters from real people. Walt, I wanted to take the time and drop you this email , and to thank you for teaching me to rope. No we have never met, but I have been trying to learn for a while now. I have been to a clinic and have watched many video […]

Well,… It’s been rocky to say the least.  I missed both steers at Ft. Worth, but they wen’t easy to heel. Dave missed his dallys on both of them. The first steer I was around behind him set up for a faster shot and he jerked the steer away from me. The second was trotting […]

Walt rides “Meaty” and shows you how he trains his horses on the Hot Heels.  This is our first video lesson so please excuse the sound. The next we will have wireless mic’s.  It’s a great lesson and wonderful for getting your horse to stay to the inside while not running by. Just click on […]

Walt and Travis would like to personally welcome everyone to the new site. To view just click on this link ” Walt and Travis Welcome” and enjoy. Look forward to bi-weekly lessons from Walt and Travis. See how they practice and keep there horses working and ready to win. Check out the Tips portion of […]

Hello My father is 80 years old. His mother lived until she was 93, my Dads oldest sister is 87 and doing well as are the rest of his sisters. My mother’s father was killed in an industrial fire when she was13 years old and her mother died w buy cialis discount hen she was […]