WW talks about what he thinks it takes to throw a better head loop. I put some video of us riding our colts, just to give you an idea of what our slow work looks like. The Palomino is an outside horse we are training and the Roan is my 4 year old, Blueberry. To […]

Walt shows you how he trains all his horses on a lead steer. Click here to watch! Edmond is a 4 year old Heel horse that we got from JB Quarter horses. We have had him since he was two,and are very happy with him. Travis broke him and walt has been roping slow cattle […]

Time Machine production is in full swing. Click here for footage of it in full action. More video of training drills, colt training, and drills for yourself to help master your timing and roping game are on the way! Call 855-277-7673 to order! buy an essay cheap

It was a very interesting summer for me. As you may or my not know, I was married on the 29 of May. It was a beautiful ceremony in Clemets, California at Russ and Jessie Biglow’s ranch. Friends and family were all around and it was the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in […]

Well, It’s been an exciting year. Full of ups and downs, highs and lows. The summer could have went better. Brock and I didn’t win like I thought we should. While he is a great guy and I wish him the best, we didn’t click and we decided to part ways. He is roping with […]

We are Happy to announce the engagement of our son Travis and Rachel Brum! We are taking off the next few weeks to enjoy the wedding and all the joys that go along with that. Sorry to say that we wont be able to send out any orders during this time. generic cialis The wedding […]

Check out this link Travis Heeling Lesson to see the latest video lesson. Travis rides his 3 year old colt “Tigger” on the Hot Heels and talks about position and timing. Hope you enjoy! generic cialis

We had a great week at the Training Center. Beautiful weather, great steers, and all the roping you’d ever want. Check out the Flicker link at the bottom of the page to see all the fun we had. Walt and Travis had a great day training their colts and teaching. The students enjoyed lots of […]

We left off right after Houston. The upcoming week was Huntsville, a go twice open roping near Huntsville, Nacogdoches and the short go at Austin. Dave had asked me if I wanted to go to California during the Spring rodeos, and with my wedding quickly approaching (May 29) I thought twice about leaving town for 5 […]