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Hello My father is 80 years old. His mother lived until she was 93, my Dads oldest sister is 87 and doing well as are the rest of his sisters. My mother’s father was killed in an industrial fire when she was13 years old and her mother died w buy cialis discount hen she was […]

Hello, Several years ago when we were still living in California, in the middle of the summer a strange thing happened. The weather man came on the TV and started to predict rain, not only rain but lots of it. Now you might think so what, wh order cheap cialis online at’s the big deal […]

Hello, This has been a tough year for me. A year ago at this time I was on the lead in the world standings, fighting for a title. One year later I’m having the dreaded conversations with the guys at the bottom of the list about how much prize money is it going to take […]

Hello, Where ever your reading this right now, if it’s the first week of December I’m at the National finals rodeo competing for a World Championship. I’m the oldest guy at the National Finals and it should be a testament to all people that if you have a dream, go after it. All I ever […]

Hello, My Dad used to tell me that a sure sign you are getting older is that you’re always trying to remember some guys name. I have arrived at that point in my life. I’ve never been that great at remembering names anyways, but I sear it is getting worse. It is not a matter […]

Hello, The best definition of luck that I have ever heard is when preparation meets opportunity. If you have ever read anything I have written or know anything about me, I believe that to be true. When I was young I listened to a cassette tape by Earl Nightingale and he said the secret to […]

Hello, On January 8th, 2008 my Dad died. He was 82 years old and he wasn’t sick or suffered form a terrible illness. He got the flu and for a couple of days he was sick with that but no worse than any of us when we get the flu. He got up about midnight […]

Hello, When my son was born I knew very little about children. My Wife on the other hand had been raised in a large family and she knew a lot about the do’s and the don’ts of parenting, so I followed her lead. She said that reading to children even though they are very young […]

Hello, Since I have been in the roping and rodeo world all of my life. I love animals, from the roping steers, to my blue heeler, all the way to my horse I really enjoy being around them. I think the strength and power of a horse is one of the things that I really […]