May 20th & 21st 2017 @ Woodard’s Training Center in Stephenville, TX Ready to step up your roping, sign up today. $500 a person limited to 8 headers and 8 heelers  

Beginners Roping School May 19th 2017 At the Woodards Training Center in Stephenville TX Just started roping or have always been interested in roping but don’t know where to start, sign up for our beginners roping school. This school is designed for number 3’s and under.  We will talk about horsemanship, bitting, dally drills and safety. You will […]

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Need to sharpen up your roping or your horse. Come spend the day with Walt or Travis. $300 a day, per person to learn from Travis Travis is also giving horsemanship lessons and taking training horses. He can start your horse, tunes them up, fixes an problem you have been having with them. $400 a […]

WW talks about some of his runs from the 2013 PRCA season.

Walt and Travis demonstrate the advantages of putting the Time Machine in trot mode.

Walt talks about the important features of the Time Machine, shows you how we rope it, and covers some drills.

Walt rides Blueberry, a 5 year old that he hopes to ride next year, and talks about his practice. Filmed 12/2/13 at the Training Center in Stephenville, Tx.  

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