Watch some runs from WW’s video archive.


WW talks about some of his runs from the 2013 PRCA season.


4 Responses to “Watch some runs from WW’s video archive.”
  1. Shay Spessard says:

    The Greatist Header and The Greatist Heeler….These are nice runs I really like the slow motion shots…Sticks and Flies Proven Method !

  2. brian says:

    i would love to find out if you had the video of your win in 1987 alamosa round up you won money and a belt buckle and gave me the belt buckle if you do my email adress is thanks brian lawhead

  3. Travis says:

    Sorry Brian, I don’t have a video of that win.
    Walt Woodard

  4. Dave Beehner says:

    Hi Walt
    My name is Dave Beehner my father and I first started teamroping in 1988 we went to a clinic that you and Jake milton put on at willow brook farms in Catasauqua Pa.

    My father and I won the jackpot roping at the end of the clinic which we collected some money and nice saddle blankets with leather corners on them. when the clinic started you made mention of a rope that you were selling I believe under your name and you had one left and if someone wanted to buy it they could. you made a joke that rope would win the jackpot. My father bought the rope and we in fact won the jack pot. I still have that blanket and its something I will always cherish. you taught me alot in that clinic not only how to rope but valuable life lessons . Never give up! One year later I was paralyzed and still took your clinic I dont know if you remember me but I stood with the aid of arm braces and practiced on the dummy. You treated me the same as every one else I will never forget that. You attitude of I can do it helped me overcome that time and I made a full recovery and went on to rope with my dad for many years. We still talk of those days and miss them greatly! Im glad to see you are still out there doing what you love and still continue to help others. Thank you Dave Beehner

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