Time Machine in Trot Mode


Walt and Travis demonstrate the advantages of putting the Time Machine in trot mode.


4 Responses to “Time Machine in Trot Mode”
  1. Jere Shaw says:

    That’s pretty cool! … I’d not seen the Time Machine before… never saw a trotting feature which is great and does look like it would be fun.. and make hoppers much easier… Thanks guys for the info.. hope to see you soon…

  2. Shay Spessard says:

    I’ve watched this video over and over, A trotting steer has got to be one of the hardest shots for a heeler to have to make !
    This is the first roping machine I’ve seen with a Trot Mode…I can’t see anything but good coming from using this machine Good Job Walt !

  3. Keith Dansie says:

    I would have haul the time machine to rope. How wide and how long is it? How much is shipping?

  4. Rachel says:

    I don’t know the answers to you questions. You need to call Kevin Dixon At (334) 212-9757
    Sorry Darlene Woodard

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