Time Machine in Action


Time Machine production is in full swing. Click here for footage of it in full action. More video of training drills, colt training, and drills for yourself to help master your timing and roping game are on the way! Call 855-277-7673 to order!



5 Responses to “Time Machine in Action”
  1. Ed Usher says:

    When & where will the Time Machine be available. I’m looking a t purchasing one for my grandchildren to practice on.

  2. Travis says:

    The Time Machine is ready now! Call the number on the web site to order or go to timemachineteamroping.com.

  3. Call 855-277-7673 to order.

  4. Jerry Marquez says:

    We used the tiime machine at are roping practice and it was awesome………
    Thanks Walt

  5. Travis says:

    Glad to hear it! We love it too.

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