Imagine what it would be like to depend on nothing! To be unattached to the past or the future, to approval or disapproval, to pressure or fear, to demands or expectations, to controlling or being controlled. The Game should be played wit

h total freedom: the true athlete abandons himself to the dictates of his body, his instincts, his creativity. He doesn’t think about or cling to anything outside of himself, but rather lets go of everything, giving himself up to the rhythm of the moment. With no agendas. No plans. No one to please. Nothing to prove.


4 Responses to “Truth”
  1. Kevin Cusack says:

    I have been following Walt’s instruction for about 10 years now, and I have never been so sure of my loop and horsemanship. I read his article in the looper every month and they give me alot of insite on various aspects of life, and for that I say thank you Walt. Now I will speak my mind. I live in area where guys are stuck in the same spot as far as their roping goes for a long time. And it takes me back to your video you made in ’90, I think it was, and you talking about there was roping in Ca. every year and the Camarillos would show up and the guys were trying to find a way to ban them from coming to it, and you said ” What a novel idea, you all rope the same as you always have, so you don’t have to get any better.” And that comment has made a huge impact on me ever since. Come on guys who wants to rope down your entire time of roping, you would think your roping would grow since you started. And quit forming clicks together and being afraid to grow from someone else. Remember you only rope as good as who you rope with.

  2. dillon says:

    mr. woodard

    iv been roping for 2 years now and have never roped on a horse, iv been trying to for a long time but i dont exactly know where to store it and stuff but i really wanna get into roping if u have a advice it would be most helpfull thank you for ur time


  3. Talya says:

    This is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen on any website! The last two lines: “No one to please. Nothing to prove.” Really helps me. My best friend and I really want to learn team roping, but everyone says we cant cause were girls. Also, theres this one girl who always says I cant ride, and that just cracks me up. Once, she told me she always said that cause she was jealous of me. Please, please post videos on how to team rope!!! Thanks very much!!

  4. Amy Mann says:

    Wow!!!! I needed that tid-bit of information. Every time I ride in the box I do it with the intent to prove and please. All that emotion affects me and my horse. Now I pray I can let go and enjoy the journey.

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