Travis’ 2011 Rodeo Blog and Odessa Video


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” height=”200″ />I don’t know if you feel the same way, but as I get older, time feels like it flying. I can’t believe that it’s February 2011!!! Anyway, with it has Brought on some very exciting changes in my life.

The first is my new partner Matt Sherwood. Matt used to tell me, years ago, that we would someday rope. Matt called me in december and said that Randon had decided to take a year off, he had been thinking about partners, and my name kept coming to mind. He wanted to know if I was interested in heeling for him in the upcoming year. I leapt at the chance. I has always been a dream of mine to heel for him, and after telling him so, I could hardly hold another thought in my head for weeks.

Our first competition was Odessa. Even though we have roped a lot together in the past, it felt very different. I felt nervous and had a hard time being myself in the arena. In spite of my nerves, I did well in Odessa. I heeled two good steers at the rodeo, and all by two feet at the jackpot. I have made a little video of the rodeo, and you can watch it by clicking here, Travis @ Odessa. We had some hard luck, and didn’t win much, but felt good about our performance and moved on to Denver.

Denver was another disappointment. To make a long story, short. In the first go, Matt broke out on a good steer. In the second go, Matt turned a great steer that was going left, and I didn’t get down the arena far enough, got inside, and roped a leg…. Damn. People that have never rodeoed, or maybe people that have never played sports, don’t understand winning is a process. Look at the Miami Heat as an example. Very talented individuals on the team, but not yet working like the well oiled machine that they know there capable of. Matt and I are no different. We both understand that our jobs, as teammates, is to keep our nose down, stay positive, encourage each other, and winning will take care of itself.

Next on the list was Ft. Worth. We made a pretty good run on our first steer, 6.o. I heeled the steer good but I could have heeled him faster. I told myself good job and left it at that. The second steer was more challenging. He checked off and came left, hard. When Matt turned him his butt swung into the left fence and I had to keep swinging and riding. Finally roped him to be 8.0…. I thought a lot about it. I could have been more aggressive and we could have been high call on the steers we had. I’m an aggressive heeler anyway. Thats who I am. The mental pressure of heeling for a two time World Champ had left me with a no mistakes attitude, an afraid to make a mistake attitude, a losers attitude. I made myself a promise right then, If I did lose at the rodeos, lose my partner, and the worst did happen. I could live with it, as long as I was aggressive, and roped like myself. No more nerves, no more worrying, Just have fun and enjoy the ride, don’t be so obsessed with the destination.

So, with my new attitude, We headed for Rapid City. It was very cold (-27 with the wind chill). We flew up and got mounted. Matt rode Seth Gurney’s horse and I rode Jett Johnson’s. I had rode Jett’s old Gray horse, that Jim Cooper now owns, and loved him. I called Jett and told him that. Asked him if anything he rode now, felt like his old gray. He said his sorrel did, and I was welcome to him. He was right. His horse felt great to me. One of the best I’ve ever mounted out on. Matt didn’t get the best start on the first steer, but we made a good run 6.0. We made a great run on our second steer and were 4.8. Winning 5th in the second round and 5th in the ave $3k worth if it holds. I was proud that I kept my nerves under control and allowed myself to rope like I can.

I’m very excited to be getting the kinks out with Matt, and excited to see what the future holds. Special thanks to Jett Johnson for the ride. He is a great heeler and a very good guy. If any of you get the chance to talk with him you won’t regret it. Thanks for keeping up with me. I’ll keep you posted on how San Antonio and San Angelo go, here in a week or so. Thanks again



8 Responses to “Travis’ 2011 Rodeo Blog and Odessa Video”
  1. Ed Madrid says:

    Way to go Travis!! See you and Matt in the winner’s circle at the NFR!

  2. Dan Miller says:

    Great attitude!

  3. Darlene says:

    Thanks, Dan!!! I home you and your family are doing great. You have had a huge impact on my life, and can take some credit in shaping my attitude. hope to see you soon.
    – Travis
    Thanks for all the awesome wedding gifts!! I would love for Rachel to get to know you someday.

  4. Travis says:

    Thanks Ed!! Say hello to Cindy and the family for us!

  5. bwnco says:

    I have been athlete all my life. PRCA card holder rode bulls, retired old fart now but finally got to start roping 10 yrs ago am now 54. I find it amazing in the speed events how every school, every tape you see is all about fundamentals which is important of course. But, going from rough stock to timey end of things it amazes me how little mental attitude is talked about at that end of arena. You scoot up on your rope and got a ton under you, you better be positive, fundamentals or not. Same with roping, you still have to praise your partner, keep positive and get after it. I like that you stuck that in there Travis about, ” Told my self good job and went on get next one”….. YES! some mental aspect of that side of sport. I know it gets hit some, and talked about some, but your mind controls 90% of everything in athletics. I can go rope 100 steers in a row, get nervous and wad it up in the back of there head 20 in a row! MIND! Thing! Wished timey guys would talk more about mental side of things. Why im giving you at a boy! for bringing it up, being positive, stating just that. Ya ME! good Run! Keep it up!

  6. Travis says:

    I think mental attitude is the very most important thing in sports. You are so right. For some reason, in this sport, it’s the most under talked about thing in team roping. I used to be a mental midget. I went form not making the top 50 to winning $50k last year by changing nothing more than my attitude. The human mind is the most powerful thing ever discovered. it can propel you to greatness or it can destroy you. The choice is yours. I want to keep my blog going so that people, who don’t rodeo, can see what really goes on inside you when your faced with adverse things. You and I know, because we’ve faced it. I’m going to try and be brutally honest with myself in these blogs. I think if I do that, if nothing else, a guy like you can read and relate, to what competition brings out inside you. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the ‘at’a boy!!!

  7. Gkb says:

    i liked the way u talked about your entry in the video that is really the only thing i have changed in my roping in the last couple of months and the way i approch the ropings and the rodeos and i went from roping good but not really winning to roping better and keepin it up all day and finshing off ropings and winning. i also liked how u talked about not getting to mad when u miss one i use to get mad when i missed but now i dont i try and figure out what made me miss and make sure i fix it on the next year. so thanks and keep up the blog i like the look inside a pro’s head im someone who is always picking the brains of guys that rope great and try to find what i can use from there heads that will help my get better

  8. bkwhite7 says:

    I agree with the mental game comments completely! I’m a 7 header and although I still look for ways to make myself better as far as fundamentals go, what I really crave is knowledge on how you guys think. What makes some people win more than others with equal talent and ability? How do you deal with the mental strain of traveling and entering? Basically the ins and outs of what it takes mentally and physically to rodeo for a living. I love when i find an article, blog, or video that gives a little insight to the details we who dont do it for a living can’t see from the outside. I know that most of the teaching is focused on teaching novice ropers how to get better and better methods because there are simply more of the, but i still look for ways to make myself better everyday and still crave the kind of information that will help me do that. I want to know what makes the guys who win a lot, tick! Thanks for talking about your mental struggles and how you deal with them.

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