Walt Talks about his Practice. New video lesson!


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we Practice. I just thought this would be a great way for you guys to see how I actually prepare my horses and myself. Just click on this link WW Practice Session. Enjoy!


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  1. Robert Hofer says:

    Hi there Walt don’t know if you remember me was at your school up here in Billings Montana A few years back. Just like to take time and say thanks found out what I was doing wrong and fixed it. I rope a lot on the ground using your techniques when I cant make a practice using my horse get him in and making him hold position. Boy let me tell you I’m get pretty wicked on the heel side. Got my little boys started 8 and 6 using your techniques they love it. Once again thanks Robert Hofer

  2. bill ferrell says:

    Walt, I’ve attended 3 of your schools over the last 30 yrs. One in Edinburg Ill in the early 80’s, I believe the year after you and Doyle won the world. Another in Memphis at the Showplace, and one in Sikeston, Mo. my home town. I proudly served as Sheriff here in Scott County for 28 yrs before retiring in 2004. I still have a tape of a talk you gave in Memphis at a dinner one evening. I have always been impressed by your teaching skills but also your inspirational talks. I have used a lot of your points in talks I gave throughout the years. I have attended other schools, but yours were to me the best. I have 2 grown sons who also attended your schools and they still hold fond memories of you and your methods. Thank you and good luck in all you strive to accomplish. Your friend Sheriff BillFerrell,retired

  3. josh says:


    im dying to know what you have changed about your ropes?? when is the next video coming??

  4. Rex Laymon says:

    Hi, Mr. Woodard I am 45 years old and just started to learn to rope. I found your heading lesson on you tube. I had watched others, but learned more from you. I then purchased your video Things that keep you from winning. For a beginner the slow work you show in the video is an excellent way to learn safely, and correctly. At my age if this video was not available to me I might be 70 years old, and still not have learned much, or learned a lot of bad habits for me, and my horse.
    I have a friend named John Clack who is 75 now, and can’t ride anymore, but was a good header, calf roper, bull dogger, and horseman. John has also helped me a lot. John was telling me about a friend of his named Gary Yother, originally from Soddy Daisy, TN which is where John, and I are also from. and that you had taught Gary some, back in the 70’s. John is friends with Charlie Lowry, and done alot of roping down at Charlie’s many years ago. John say’s he remembers when Speedy Williams came to Charlies, and roped as just a young boy. Anyway Thanks

  5. Don says:

    Hey Walt,

    Don here from Cowboys in Plant City FL we need to schedule another clinic. The steakhouse is open and we are having fun. Call me or email me when you get time.


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