Tour Finale


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570″ height=”380″ />Made a good run today at the Tour Finale. I roped with Steve Purcella. We were third out and were 5.4. Pretty good beings we had to go right at the start. We are Splitting 4/5/6. There were 3, 5.3’s and 3, 5.4’s, so pretty tight first perf at Puyallup. I put a little video together of our run today. Just click here to see Tour Finale . Hope you like it. -TW

Well, Round 2 didn’t go like I’d hoped. We drew a steer that Jade Corkill missed in the first round. He was slow enough, but when I seen him go with Jade I thought he didn’t handle very good. The steer kind of fought his head and wanted to push down the arena, towards the catch pen. Well, He did the same thing for me and I still heeled him but it came right off, just as fast as I roped him…… Damn. But thats heeling for you. If your gonna be great at this, it can’t be the end of the world when you miss. You have to be like a relief pitcher. If they hit it out of the park and win the game, you have to be mentaly tough enough to came back tomorrow night and have your best stuff ready. It’s not a sprint, its a marathon.

Anyway till next time, -TW

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