Playoffs & Summer Highlight Video


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height=”200″ />Well, It’s been an exciting year. Full of ups and downs, highs and lows. The summer could have went better. Brock and I didn’t win like I thought we should. While he is a great guy and I wish him the best, we didn’t click and we decided to part ways. He is roping with Brandon Bates and I’m roping with Kaleb Driggers.

Kaleb and I started roping at Caldwell the second week of August and had instant success. As of writing this we’ve won a little under $14k. We get along good and have fun roping. He ropes extremely well handles steers better than anyone I’ve ever roped with and I have high hopes for next year with him. I don’t do well when roping becomes work. For me to do my best, It has to be fun. Kaleb is great at that, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and in almost every situation bad or good you can always see him smile. You can’t tell if he just won or lost. Clay Cooper is just like that. Golfers talk about mastering your emotions. The best in rodeo, the best in sports, can do it. Having fun is the best way to ensure that you wont be nervous and will likely preform at your best. He makes it easy for me to be my best and I look forward to 2011 season.

The Tour Finale is this week and I have $40k won. If I do good there, I should have a good shot at the finals. Pendleton got 155 teams because it is there 100 year anniversary. So, it should pay great as well. Plenty of opportunity for me but all I can do is heel my steers and let the secretaries figure it out. Kaleb didn’t make it so I’ll heel for Steve Purcella, who won it last year and made a late season run to make the NFR. Thats just what I need.

I put a little highlight reel together for you guys. Click here to see it. Summer Highlights . We are booking lessons at the Training Center for the fall. We will be heading home in a few weeks so call or email for availability. If your interested in coming for a few days, available dates are October 19-21, November 1-4, and Nov 26. Till next time- TW

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