Travis Talks About Timing.


Check out this link Travis Heeling Lesson to see the latest video lesson. Travis rides his 3 year old colt “Tigger” on the Hot Heels and talks about position and timing. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. George Woodley says:

    Walt and Travis,

    Do you find that the big hill of dirt in the corner of your heel box makes it easier for the horses to start? You know, like coasting down hill?



  2. George,
    Not really, Although your heads in the right place. We like to make our Young horses break slow and then gradually pick up speed from there. No matter how hard the steer runs. We try and rope steers that are real slow so that they never build up any anxiety in the box. We believe that making young horses run hard before there ready causes box problems. As far as a finished horse goes, If you’ve went slow enough when he was young, you should be able to start him on a hill or in a hole and he’ll break and run like Secretariat! Hope this helps you out. -TW

  3. Tyler Christensen says:

    I like your theory but while watching your video I noticed that you were swinging in time with the dummy. Every time you roped your swings were in timing with the dummy. My theory lately has been that there is a natural rhythm involved with heeling steers. I think too many people try to adjust their timing every swing. I think timing needs little adjustment throughout a run, I have noticed that even when steers wash out on the corner the rhythm of their feet stay close enough to not have to adjust timing. I think its less confusing than people think. I think that once you are in time you could close your eyes and keep in time. Its like a dancer keeping rhythm to the music most good dancers can keep rhythm even when the music stops.
    Thank You,

  4. Leland Searcy says:

    The roping school in Woodward Oklahoma was a testament to Walt’s hard work and willingness to go the extra step. Every morning started with a overview of what was covered the day before. The evenings were not over until Walt felt like a positive step had been taken by every student, some evenings were not over until after seven pm ! Walt took a personal interest in every student in the school.
    I personally appreciate the hard work and long hours that Walt put in all three days. He is truly the best teacher anyone could ask for in the team roping industry. If you haven’t had a chance to get the Woodard experience, find a school or better yet go to his place and spend a couple days with some friends and, get it !! Thanks Walt.

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