Spring is Here!


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height=”200″ />We had a great week at the Training Center. Beautiful weather, great steers, and all the roping you’d ever want. Check out the Flicker link at the bottom of the page to see all the fun we had. Walt and Travis had a great day training their colts and teaching. The students enjoyed lots of roping, instruction, and Grandmas cookin’! If your thinking about coming down, spring is the time. Don’t wait, call Walt for availability at 209-662-2461.


4 Responses to “Spring is Here!”
  1. sandy pack says:

    my husband and me came to one of your schools last june (09) and i just wanted to say thanks you in the biggest way. we had a blast there, with the good food and great company and the main part was getting to attend the roping school. i just wanted to let you know that since i was there my roping has improved so much that i have won 3 buckles, won 2, 8 point ropings in one week and i have won a check in about 90 % of the ropings that i have entered. people have came up to me and ask how i learned to rope so much better, and of course i tell them that i owe it all to Mr. Walt Woodard and his great teaching. i really want to come back to your school again and i hope to get to do so very soon. again thanks so much for helping me and believe me i tell everyone i talk to at the ropings what a great roping school you put on. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    Sandy Pack

  2. Brett Maloney says:

    My name is Brett Maloney. I have been to several of your roping schools over the years, the last two were in Enid Oklahoma. Jeff Holden put them on. I really appreciated the no nonsense, tell it like it is method that you use. I am in Iraq now, working for the government, and what keeps me going is the fact that I will finally be able to afford the horses to go win on when I get home. What I really want to thank you guys for is this website. When things get bad over here I read the posts you make, and watch the videos. You guys are always so positive. Don’t think it doesn’t affect people in a good way. Years ago you said on your site to video our runs, and you would critique them and send them back. You said nobody did so you quit doing them. Please dont stop what you’re doing. At least to me, it helps me get through the day, and it can be tough over here. I will deffinately come to your place for some private lessons as soon as I’m back for good. Thanks for all you do for our sport. You are living proof that a person can accomplish anything they want bad enough.
    Brett Maloney

  3. Wow Brett,
    Thats pretty powerful stuff. Glad you like the web site and I’ll try and do better about the updates. Rodeoing hard all summer kept me away from wifi. But we’re back on now and i’ve got some good ideas for the site I hope to get up in the next few weeks. When will you be home? Keep in touch and we can set up some dates for you to come to Stephenville. Maybe help you find the right horses? Be safe over there!!! Thanks for the amazing email and keep in touch. -TW

  4. Glad to hear it, Sandy! Come back anytime. We’re just gonna be headed home in the next few weeks (After Pendleton Sep 14-19). Should be there by the 21st. So come down this fall. The Training Center has done nothing but improve since your trip last year. Food and the roping are still, as always, excellent. So give us a call! keep up the good roping and the winnin ways! -TW

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