Heading and Heeling lesson 1


Walt teaches good heading techniques on the dummy. Just click on this link WW Heading lesson 1. For all the heelers out there check out WW Heeling lesson 1. Don’t forget to watch all four video lessons. Enjoy!



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  1. Brian Craft says:

    Hello and thank you for posting the help videos. I have a question for you on the delivery of the rope. I am new to roping and currently a number 3 roper. I have taken a lesson from Leo and I work with Chad Sheilds out in Buckeye AZ. I have been told and shown how to swing my rope but no one has ever explained or really shown me how to deliver the rope to the steer. I have been shown to swing my rope the way you have shown on your latest lesson video the problem i have is the delivery to the steer. If I turn the rope over around the 2 o-clock position that seems to put the top strand below the right horn so it seems that the angle would have to change in order to not deliver the rope under the right horn. I try and watch people throw the rope in slow motion but it happens to fast to see the last swing and follow through to the steer.

    Does you heading video and or clinics cover this?
    Thank so much and any help you may offer it would be greatly appreciated..

    Brian Craft

  2. Very good it helps a lot. Thants to you guys

  3. The heading lesson was the one forme it tells you the little things. I need to work on its very good lesson.

  4. Yes Brian, and sorry it took so long to reply. For whatever reason my mail thought you were spam…… But anyway, Both the clinic and the video go into great detail about the delivery. Our videos were tailor made for guys like you. It would be too difficult to try and explain it through this median. Feel free to call, order the video, or come to a clinic. Walt can be reached at 209-662-2461. hope this helps. Thanks for writing.

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