The last two weeks


Well,… It’s been rocky to say the least.  I missed both steers at Ft. Worth, but they wen’t easy to heel. Dave missed his dallys on both of them. The first steer I was around behind him set up for a faster shot and he jerked the steer away from me. The second was trotting and I Missed him as well. Then off to San Antonio. The end result was not a good one at all. It seems like against 12 teams for $2000 a night for 4 nights, How could you not get money? Right? Well, We were in a tougher performance on paper. With guys like Chad and Jade, Jo Jo and Randon, and Travis Tryan and Mike Jones, everyone thought it was going to be the toughest set to draw up in…. Wrong, it was the easiest. No one could complete the course. For me, it was no different. We never made a clean time and won no money. I was very disappointed.  I heard Brady Minor say on the ride back to the truck, after he missed for money at San Antonio, “Why does this have to be so hard at rodeos?” I feel the same way… It’s like you can practice perfectly, then go somewhere, everyone tries to step it up a notch, and it just doesn’t work. Dave and I just need to settle down, rope like we can, and we’ll be fine. Then finally the high light of the week, San Angelo. The first steer ran and we mad a great run on him over half way down the arena. We were 7.3. Our second steer was better but still not great. We made another great run and were 5.5. In the top 12 of a 4 header is a great place to be. The nice thing about the winter rodeos is they all add so much money that a few good checks and you’ve had a great winter. So Saturday night we run our third one and let’s all hope for the best. Then off to Tucson from there. Lots of money to be won, and I’m gonna get some of it. Till Next time.


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