Wow, think you wanna rodeo for a living? Just check out the results for Odessa. 9.6 on two, no money. 4.0 won the first round, 3.6 won the second. Dave missed my first round steer, and broke out on the second.( 4.6 plus 10). It is getting tou

gher and tougher all the time. I’m setting in a motel room in Denver as I write this, waiting to rope my first round steer. There is so much down time in rodeo that you have all kinds of time to think. I’m doing just that. It seems to me that if you want to achieve your goals in rodeo.  A guys gonna have to adopt the Trevor Brazile mentality and try to win every time. The days of “just making your run” or “playing the cards your dealt” are over. You’d better back in there with you gun oiled and your hammer cocked. You must have a win or go home attitude. So tonight thats my plan tonight. I’m gonna try and ride a good aggressive turn and be looking for a shot.

My father is also up tonight in my performance.  We will both be riding “Dudley”. It would be fun to win something here on the same horse with him. “Dudley” is an exceptional horse. On most horses I would be worried about him being too short, taking my shot away, or shouldering in through the turn.   I’m not worried about that at all.

The steers are big and strong.  I want to get a good start without pushing the steer left.  This is an ideal situation to get down the arena and around behind the steer.  The steers have been roped enough that they will hang on the end of the rope.  So i should have a good chance for a fast throw.  Thats the plan.  I will keep ya posted.   -TW

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